Build Your Team With STORY!

Our core belief is… “Want to go fast? Go alone. Want to go far? Go together! If you are ready to take your real estate career to the next level build your real estate team with Story Real Estate. Our team model and commissions put the team first and the brokerage second. Keeping everything simple.

Our Simple Team Model

The Story Team Model is designed to be fair across the board. Our belief is that in a team structure the the brokerage’s duty is to serve and support the team and the team leaders duty is to support their team members. It is based on leadership service attitude.

Here is example of the Simple Story Real Estate Team Model.

Story Team Leaders Profit Share with The Brokerage

When it comes to teams the real estate industry is riddled with big box companies dipping further into the team members pocket to pay more to the team leader.

Truth is that model is backwards. Team leaders should be splitting profit with the brokerage not their team members.

You as the team leader get to profit share directly with us the brokerage.

This inspires team members to do a great job and get rewarded for their efforts, plus enables team leaders to build a stronger team.

Story Team Commissions Are Geared For Agent Growth!

We have taken the traditional Real Estate Brokerage Team structure and turned it upside down! Instead of the typical pyramid that you see in the big box brokerages.

We have the team members/agents at the top making the most commission.

Reason is, if teams do a great job the leader gets to share in the success and the team member who did the lion share of the work still get the lion share of the commissions.

We have turned the traditional team model upside down to favor the team members first. 

Story Team Model

Bigger Commission & Profit Share!
  • 90/10 Split For Team Leader (Sales & Leases)
  • 70/30 Split For Team Members (Sales & Leases)
  • Profit Share with Brokerage
  • Complete Brokerage Support
  • New Agent Training & Mentoring
  • Sales & Leases Count Towards CAP
  • 100% Commissions after CAP
  • Annual CAP
  • No Technology Fees
  • No Desk Fees
  • No E&O Fees
Profit Share

We Help Your Team Grow!

As a team, you get complete access to all of our training. We have built an extensive training courses for new and experienced agents. Our training courses are unlike any other brokerage.

Our team/agent training portal is designed to help agents launch into their career! Plus we have training and development for team leaders too.

Becoming a better agent is all about education and applied experience. We offer training for all our agents new and experienced. 

We hold regular team meetings with our agents to help train, guide and mentor them! Plus we hold meetings and training just for team leaders!

Our detailed & hands on training courses include:

  • Contracts
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing
  • Negotiations
  • Listing Specialist
  • Buyer Specialist
  • Leadership
  • Plus Much More!

We Help You Find Your Team Members

Finding the right team members is important! We help you with finding, recruiting and  growing your team. Building a solid team is all about recruiting the right people to join your team. You get to team up with our recruiting team and get help growing your team.

Team Leaders - 90/10 Split

If you are a team leader who likes to be in the trenches doing deals too. As a perk, we give all our team leaders a 90/10 split for any transactions they personally close themselves. It is one of the many team leader perks!

Team Members - 70/30 Split

Story Teams are designed so that it is fair for both team member and team leader. Team members get their entire 70/30 commission split on all of their deals and Team leaders profit share directly with the brokerage. 

Most brokerages give the team members a bad split or take even more from the team members to pay the team leader. Which is NUTS!

Instead we believe that the team member should get a great split from the start and team leaders should get solid profit share directly from the brokerage not the team member.

Team members work hard for their sales and commissions and should be rewarded not punished.

Earn 100% Commission with Team CAP

Do you have a high producing team? Or you inspire to have a high production team? As a team leader when your team member completes a sale, you get credit towards your CAP too! Getting you to 100% commission faster.

Build Your Team Statewide
With Our Virtual Brokerage!

The real escape landscape has changed!

One of the biggest advantages is you can build a team that is all over Texas.

We are a virtual office that stays connected with one another. Being a virtual brokerage allows our agents to live according to their schedule and their own time. Teams can work from home with Story Real Estate.

For teams who are local we love to meet in person too! We are always available to guide you or your team on a deal in person if needed.