Property Management Made Simple

Managing Your Rental Property Stress You Out?

Are you currently self managing your rental properties but desire to distance yourself or remove headaches/weekend phone calls, stress, and the busy work that comes with self managing?

Do you currently use a property management company but they have grown in size with too many departments and don’t provide you the personal service you once had before?

We understand your situation. Not only are we are experienced property managers, but we also own rental properties too! So we know the pain and headaches that come with self management or from using a subpar management company.

The solution we provide is full service property management to a select group of property owners. To be a successful landlord and keep happy tenants, you don’t have to give up your sleep, personal time, or the quality of service to your tenants. Services include: finding and screening new tenants, leasing, rent collection, managing tenants, managing repairs, maintenance, providing owner distributions & reporting, evictions, make ready, and more!

We have been in your shoes before and want to help you keep your rental property business profitable. Your business is our business!

Property Owner Benefits

Smaller Management Company

One of the biggest headaches of hiring a property management company is when they become too big. They start sending you to different departments to get things done and often times when the company is bigger one hand isn’t sure what the other hand is doing. It is great for the property management company, but not for the owners. In order to provide the best quality property management for our owner clients and thier tenants, we’re a small integrated team. This allows us to complete tasks with speed and accuracy. What may take another management company days to get done, we knock it out in a a day or even a few hours. Which is exactly why owners prefer hiring us to manage their rental property. So, if you have 1 property or 100 properties, we can still give you the quality of service you deserve! Time is money so, speed is important!

Single Contact for Property Owner & Tenant

Balancing the relationship between owner and tenant is important. As an owner, having to contact four different people to solve a maintenance issue or dealing with the tenant can be frustrating. Since we manage properties as a small team it allows us to give quality service with one point of contact for both the owner and the tenants. There is only a single management contact, no departments to speak with. This makes it easier to manage, increases the speed to action on various tasks, and keeps us all on the same page with the owner and tenants. As your property manager, we know your property inside and out.

In-House Repairs and Maintenance

We make repairs and maintenance simple with two big differences: One, we have an in-house team for repairs or maintenance. This allows us to handle maintenance and repairs with speed. You can choose to have our team give you a quote and do the repairs or you can use a vendor that you prefer and have worked with before. Two, instead of deducting it from your collected gross rent, we allow you to pay the vendor of your choice directly for repair and maintenance, making it less confusing to keep up with the financial part of maintenance and repairs. Doing it this way allows us to focus on handling the management of getting it done. You can either hire our team or even hire your own vendors for repair/maintenance or use ours, plus we even put you in direct contact with our own vendors, and either way there’s zero markup. We stay out of the financial part of repair and maintenance and handle the completion of the job allowing you to ensure you have trusted repairs and maintenance. You get the vendor’s invoice for repairs and maintenance, not ours.

Dallas – Fort Worth Property Management 

We mange properties in all DFW counties and cities. The majority of our properties are located in Dallas, Tarrant, Johnson, & Hood County. However, we do manage in Denton County, Parker County, Wise County, Ellis County, and also in Johnson County cities such as Burleson, Joshua, Cleburne, and Alvarado. We also manage properties in Hood County (Granbury). Anything outside of our territory is on a case by case basis and discussed during our first meeting. This is what allows us to give superior service to both owners and tenants. We aren’t over-reaching just to take on more properties. Owners join us because we know our limits and aspire to give quality service over quantity of rentals. 

Less Management Fees

Story Property Management is a boutique property management company. Make no mistake, we work to make sure our quality of service and management fees matchup. We’re not the cheapest management company in town, but we are also not the most expensive, by far. Our fees are lower, yet competitive. Our owner/clients understand the importance of quality service means more than quantity of rentals we serve. Because we (“The Story’s”) own rental properties too, we manage your property as if it was our own. We understand that owning rental properties is a business and we make your business, our business.

Full Service Property Management

Cities We Service

How to work with us

We’re Now Accepting New Owner/Clients

Want to work with us? We consider several different factors to determine if we are a good fit for each other. The process to becoming a new client is simple.

  How to Apply for New Owner/Clients:

  1. Either give us a call at (817) 725-7275 to schedule a meeting or..
  2. Click “Get a Free Quote” to answer a brief series of questions. Just the basics, so we know more about you and your situation. We’ll email you our management fee structure for you to review.
  3. We’ll reach out to schedule a meeting either face-to-face at one of your properties, at our office, via Zoom, or via phone.
  4. During our meeting, if you see the value in working together, we’ll discuss adding your properties into the portfolio of properties we mange.

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