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Maximize Your Returns through our no-fee approach.

Yep! Thats right. We have structured our investment strategy to come with no fees to you the investor. Many Investment syndications or Investment firms will charge you a fee to invest with them. We truly view you are a partner who is bringing a piece of the investment puzzle to the table. So we feel that you should not be charged a fee to invest along side of us.

Access Exclusive Debt & Equity Investment Opportunities

Join our growing list of passive investors and get access to various deals you can invest in. Deal such as:

  • Short Term Loans
  • Long Term Notes
  • Mortgage Pools
  • Syndications

We Send Deals To Your Inbox

We are always working to find new deals to invest in. When we find a deal that requires fund raising or capital from our passive partners, we will send out an email to our passive partners with details. We will also do a video call reviewing the deal to answer any questions partners may have.

You Invest in Deals That Fit Your Criteria

We understand that every investor has different goals be that short term, long term, rate of return, etc.. So when deals are presented you can invest in whatever deal you feel best fits your needs

Want to Invest with your IRA or 401k?

Did you know that you can invest in real estate using your IRA? Earn passive income tax free or tax deferred! We can help guide you in the right direction to supercharge Your retirement savings.

Important Details

We offer deals for accredited and non accredited investors.

We offer several different types of investments ranging from debt investments, which allows you the investor to own the note. Also equity deals where you can partner alongside of us and benefit in the equity.

We have a variety of investment opportunities. Some investments are 6-12 months and others are longer term investments. Each deal will be presented with the terms of the investment lengths.