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Stressed out needing to sell your home?

Is wanting to sell your home making you lose sleep or causing your extra stress? Skip the listing, repairs, and, remove the stress by selling your house directly to us. Clients who sell to us want to move on with life quickly. Owning a home takes time, money, and effort. At some point, homeowners who sell to us are in a situation in which they need help because holding on to an unwanted property has become a mental stress and financial burden. We work to help relieve those burdens, helping them move on to the next stage with life

Many clients who sell directly to us experience one of the following:

  • Not wanting to invest time or money into repairing a house so it can be to sold to a bank qualified retail buyer
  • Going through a Divorce, wanting to quickly split from the ex spouse to move on with life
  • Unwanted inherited home that need lots of work or you don’t want two house & the liability or maintenance costs that comes with owning another house
  • Wanting to quickly sell a home which family members or themselves lived in needing major repairs, it’s more profitable to sell as-is instead of repairing and listing it
  • Behind on property tax payments, mortgage payments, or facing foreclosure
  • Wanting to unload rental property with tenants who are causing you trouble & headaches
  • Trying to sell a home with zero equity
  • Relocating to another area for a new job or downsizing homes
  • Having a house that you have struggled to sell, for sale by owner or with another Realtor

Sell your home directly to us

Get rid the stress of an unwanted house

Selling can be stressful especially if your in the following situations.. Divorce, unwanted inherited property, avoid foreclosure, vacant house, behind on mortgage payments, owe liens, upside down and can’t sell your house, need repairs you can’t pay for, fire damaged, bad tenants, and more. If any of those describe your situation we can help you remove the stress and help you move on with you next stage of life.

You pick the closing date & we pay closing costs
Everyone has a different timeline. Selling your home to us, you can close when your ready. Just like any other real estate sale, When you accept our offer to buy your house we will close at a title company and they will handle the rest of the details. We will even pay closing costs too!
We’ll buy your home fast for CASH, no need to wait
Skip straight to sold in 30 Days or less. We will make you a CASH offer on your home because getting it market ready takes time. Taking pictures, staging, etc.. You have to get it market ready, which could mean some repairs and a few other things before you can list it. Selling your home directly to us we can skip all of that and quickly close on the property.
Ditch the headache of unwanted payments
Owning a house comes with more expenses. If you are ready to move on with life, getting rid of Utility payments, tax payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments, and more can relieve you of mental and financial stress.
Sell your home as-is, no repairs needed
Dealing with repairs and contractors can be the biggest unwanted headache or nighmare. In order for a home to qualify for traditional lending such as FHA, the home must meet certain standards. Not every bank wants to lend on a home that isn’t move in ready. Plus on the retail market most buyers dont want to do repairs which leaves you having to repair the property before you sell it. Get rid of the headache by selling to us as-is with no repairs needed

What you can expect selling directly to The Story’s

We buy houses in Texas

We  are located in Dallas Fort Worth, but we buy houses in all of the major cities like Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Waco, Midland Odessa and surrounding cities too.

Frequently Asked Questions


Have Questions? Please check this question and answers

We can close as quick as 7 days, depending on the situation. On average we close on home in 30 days or less. We work to close ASAP on when your ready to close. You get to pick the closing date.

Let’s chat, give us a call at 817-730-5250.

No, we don’t charge a fee to visit and make you an offer. Seeing the house is a part of the process. In order for us to make a fair offer, we must see the condition of the home.
We consider 6 different factors when determining a fair price for your house. We will evaluate the following: Current condition of the property. The cost and extent of repairs and renovations required to in order to sell the property to a retail buyer The time it takes to complete all needed repairs and renovations The retail value of your house based on other comparable sales in the area once the repairs and renovations are complete The cost of maintaining the house during repairs and renovations until it’s ready to put on the market, including insurance, taxes, loan payments, utilities, and more The amount of real estate commissions and closing costs that will be required to sell the house to a retail buyer once the repairs and renovations are complete
We buy house, townhomes, condo, duplexes, tri-plexs, quads, multifamily, mobile homes and even commercial property. We purchase property at any price range and any location all around texas.

The process is simple. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, between paperwork, scheduling the closing date with the title company, and more. Here is the process in 5 easy steps:


  1. Fill out the form on our website or give us a call. Tell us about the house
  2. Schedule a time to meet so we can view the house
  3. Get an offer
  4. Accept the offer 
  5. We will Schedule to close at a title company

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