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Ready to upsize or downsize? Dealing with a death or divorce? or moving out of state? Skip the listing we'll buy it!

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Get a CASH offer from us to buy your house or list it for top dollar

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Sell us your home so that you can move on with the next stage of life. No listing needed

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Divorce, Inherited Home, Moving out of State, or house needs too many repairs? Sell to us directly and close when you want.

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Save your cash - No need to sink money into repairs trying to fix up the house to put in on the market. We will purchase as-is!

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No need to schedule showings for tons of buyers to walk through & look at the home. We'll schedule a walk through & get straight to the point of buying your home.

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Listing your house on the market with The Story’s to maximize your sales price and profit 

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List your home on the market to get it in front of the largest group of buyers on the MLS,, ZIllow, & more!

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We go to work for you to negotiate the best price with buyers and get you the most money possible when selling your house!

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From helping you see the worth of your home, to accepting an offer and placing it under contract, to transferring the ownership of the home from seller to buyer.

How Our Process Works!

Getting started is SIMPLE!

Step 1

Tell us about your house

Enter the house address and tell us some basic information about your house such as current condition.

Step 2

Book a walk through

During the walk through, we’ll review best solution to sell your house; either us buying it or listing it on the market.

Step 3

Get an offer

After we meet and walk through the house together. We will make you a fair offer to purchase your house.

Frequently Asked Questions


Have Questions? Please check this question and answers

We are Realtors, but we don’t just list homes for sale on the market, we will buy your home! We’ll make you an offer to purchase your house and to skip straight to sold. Letting you move on with life faster than traditional Realtors who focus on just listing your home and nothing else.   

Every homeowners situation is different. If you have a pretty home, you’ve kept up with your property and it is in great condition, listing your home is one of the best options to get top dollar for your property. However, if you inherited a home you don’t want to keep, must relocate to another city/state and can’t keep two mortgages, had a divorce wanting to make a fast break, or your house has gotten away from you over the years, there is no need to sink more money into it for repairs. In these situations selling directly to us might just be your best option. The only way to truly know is to have one of our expert agents do an in-home walkthrough to help guide you every step of the way.

No. The in-home walkthrough is the first step in our process to evaluate the property with you and give you your best options. Of course we would love to work with you, but just because you schedule an in-home walkthrough, working with us is not required. You don’t sign any paperwork with us unless you decide to sell to us or list with us. All In-home walkthroughs are a FREE / NO OBLIGATION evaluation.

Simple! First book a walk through for us to see the home and meet you. After the walk though we make you an offer. If you accept our offer we’ll schedule to close at a title company within 30 days from the accepted offer date. Once we buy your house you get to move of with life!

No, repairs are not required. Depending on your situation, you may or may not want to make repairs. If we are buying your home, then we purchase as-is. If you are listing your home, it may or may not be advantageous to make repairs. We can advise you on your best option. Ultimately repairs are not required.

As Real Estate Professionals/Realtors listing your home on the market, We charge a 6% listing fee. Example, on a $200,000 home a traditional at 6% would be $12,000 to list/sell the home. We split the commission for a total of 3% to the buyers agent. However, If we buy your house directly from you there are no fees, we pay you!

For Sale by Owner can be tricky and sometimes pretty risky for a novice. For instance, on average it takes 3 times longer for a For Sale by Owner home to be sold. A For Sale by Owner home stays on the market an average of 88 days costing you more money in the long run having to continue to make extra mortgage payments. Also, without trusted/expert representation, you never know if the buyer is qualified or not. Realtors only deal with clients who are qualified to purchase your home. Truth is, most For Sale by Owners eventually end up using an agent to sell their property in the end due to the lack of visibility on the market and inexperience of the owner’s knowledge and understanding of real estate sales.

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