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Marketing Pools Increase Your Return on Ad Spend

Joining a marketing pool can give you a 2x – 10x return on your investment. Without a marketing pool you would spend $1,000 of dollars to accomplish the same amoun of return on investment but together we can help you build your business and get leads NOW!

Marketing Pools Power

As a brokerage one of our secert wepons is “Marketing Pools” A marketing pool is where agents come together to generate leads. We run digital ads everything from google ads, socila media ads and more to the brokerage website. These ads generate leads inwhich we pass on to the agents. 

MArketing pools skip over the need to spend money on building awarness. We do all of the heavy lifting and get stragiht to the point of a lead who has an need and desire to take action.

  • No Web site needed
  • Get immidate leads from the start
  • Generate new business weekly

Marketing Pool Benefits

The combined power of marketing pools helps new agents get off thier feet plus experianced agents grow thier contact database. Together we are more powerful as a group then as one.

Instant Leads

No need to figure out how to become a marketing wiz immidately.

Grow Your Client List

Build your list of present and future clients. A large client list is needed for succes!

Get Refferals

Get known! Working with leads who you turn to clients, they will refer you to others.

Close Deals

Close more deals, faster!

Join A Marketing Pool Today!

You can join one marketing pool or all marketing pools. You pick which pool you want to join and begin getting leads

Lease Leads - $75/Month

Working with renters is a great way to gain a client at the start of thier real estate lifecycle. Renters evenuatly turn into home owners and for a small investment you can build a database of clients

Landlord Leads - $199/Month

Working with landlords is the the dream of any real estate agent. Use the Landlord leasing funnel to generate business with landlords by helping them lease their rental properties.

Motivated Seller Leads - $399/Month

Sellers who are motived to sell their property is Real Estate GOLD! Get the complete motivated seller funnel to drive traffic to and convert your ;leads into listings!