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Dear Homeowner,

The #1 Question every homeowner considering selling is… 

“How much money will I make selling my home?”

It’s easy to answer with the right tools! 

That tool is called a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and it is what realtors use to determine house pricing.

But first, there is a secret among the industry that most realtors wont tell you.

Truth is, not all sellers should hire a realtor and only 92% of homes sold in the US are sold using a Realtor, because not all home sales are the same.

But what about that other 8%?

Many realtors will lead you to believe they should and can sell your home not matter what the situation is.

How do you know if you fall in the 8% or 92%?

This book teaches inside industry secret’s other realtors don’t want you to know because if you know the secret’s than you’ll have the upper hand in selling your home when dealing with buyers. 

Learn to sell your home fast, smooth and for maximum profit.. 

Heck after reading the book you might even be choose to sell it on your own.

This is one of the biggest transactions in your life so don’t leave it to chance

100+ pages of cost-effective strategies to get your house sold for top dollar. Don't leave the biggest sale of your life to chance!

In order to your home sell for the highest price, your home needs meet a few requirements:

If you home meets those requirements then hiring a realtor make the most sense.

But hiring a Realtor is just the first step.

There is so much more that goes into selling your home.

Also if your reason for selling is the following:

and you meet any of those reasons, selling on the traditional real estate market with a Realtor may be the best option!

Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk brass tacks with Step #1 and find out how much your home is worth.

That way you know exactly what you can budget for your next home…

Fortunately With the Right Tools Real Estate Values Are Simple but...

Many homeowners have a general idea of what their home may be worth but in Texas, homeowners do not have to disclose how much they sold their home for. Home sales prices can be kept secret from the public.

Meaning, if your neighbor just sold their home and it has you considering selling or wondering how much you could make form the sale only a realtor can give you that concrete data.

Pricing real estate is a science as much as it is an art form. An experienced agent can provide you with expert advice and options of what your house is worth based on historical data of similer homes sold around your area.

Several factors that determine

And that is just to name a few items that determine price, there are many more factors… 

Now this data isn’t just our there for the world to see. It is data that must be compiled by a licensed realtor.

Often times owners look at Zilliow to get an idea, but Don’t take Zilliow’s word for it! Zilliow is smart but Zilliow can’t take into account property condition, upgrades, neighborhood factors, and much more.

You could try to get close on your own, but why would you when you can get almost exact?

Why not take advantage of the data that is already there so you can plan for the furture!

Over a 1,000 agents in Dallas-Fort Worth to Choose From. Read this before you hire an agent...

With so many agents they are saying the same thing….

“Pick me, I am the best” or “I have sold the most”

Which ask the question

Who in the heck do you choose?

While many people choose their friend or a referral that a friend or family member gave them

Truth is you should choose the one that meets your needs 

FIRST you need to know how much can you make from your home sale to plan for the future.

SECOND you need solid advice on how you can improve the price of your home sale without having to spend and arm and a leg.

THIRDS is… a Realtor being honest with you about whether you should sell on market or off market.

If the agent has their picture on everything or gloats about themselves.. that agent cares the most about themselves and not the client… time to run!

Reality is the entire home sale is about 3 things – Maximum Profit, Quick Sale, and Smooth Sale/Closing.

1) Maximum Profit: Sell for the most you can according to the homes current condition and location

2) Quick Sale: – Get the home sold as fast as you can within today’s market conditions

3) Smooth Sale/Close: Complete the hold sell with little to no bumps in the road

This Book will teach you how to maximize your Profit

The book is a complete guide from start to finish with checklists, strategies, and more. It’s over 100 pages start to finish of how to sell your home for the most amount of money and make the most profit

You will learn:

Plus, When You Purchase The Book, You'll Discover Your Homes Value For FREE With No Obligation To Sell

Along with the book we will send you a CMA.. that is short for Comparative market analysis.

It is what all realtors use for their clients to determine the properties value and how much is can sell for

Plus, we’ll review the CMA with you for FREE!

We will even discuss the options you have if you are thinking of moving forward.

Also there is NO OBLIGATION to work with us on the sale of your home

Either way we can help you determine how much you can make from the sale and what you would need to do to make the most money from the sale.

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