New Agent Recruiting

Top Reason Agent Pick a Brokerage

New Agents

Newer agents don’t make much money in the beginning. They require more training and hands on help. 

Experienced Agent

Experienced agents don’t need as much hand holding. They are looking for more opportunity for growth, experience and financial growth.

Important Links:

TREC Database: –

Recruiting Spreadsheet: –

Recruiting Gmail Account:

Recruiting Process:

  1. Scrub TREC Database List
  2. Schedule Gmass 2x a week (Send on Sunday & Thursday – Speed to lead, we want to be one of the first brokerages they hear from)
  3. Reply to email
  4. Send appointment confirmation email after interview 
  5. Conduct Interview (Misty & Story)
  6. Schedule follow up email (new licensee follow up, set for day after test)
  7. Send new agent registration page –
  8. Send W-9 & Agent Contract Agreement for signature

Experienced Agent Recruiting

Prospecting Email Responses

Responding to email questions: As I think back to when we first got our license I never remember anyone taking interest into us or asking us questions. All they did was tell us about them, their company and how cool or great they were. I don’t think there is a one size fits all awnser but guidelines. I believe if we focus on finding out their needs and goals to see if are a fit to be able to help them would do wonders. More about them and less about us.

Flow of initial responses to emails:

  1. Awnser their questions then jump straight into finding out about them.
  2. End each email in a question so they must respond until you get to the “Yes, I would like to schedule and appointment”
  3. Keep the conversation about their needs/wants/goals.
  4. If they are a great fit, Let them know we can help them with that and Ask them if they would like to meet.

Discovery questions to ask:

  1. Finding out their goals: What are you goals as a new agent?
  2. Finding out their needs/wants: What are you looking for in a brokerage?
  3. Asking for a meeting: Would you be up for a quick exploratory 15 minute meeting to talk about your goals as a new agent?

Anwsers to Common Questions

Do you have a local office?: Our physical office is located in South Fort Worth. Are you looking to go into an office regularly or do you prefer to work remotely?

Pre-Interview Email

Follow up email: When they schedule a week out in advance. Used to help open the lines of communication and build connection

HI {First Name},

Misty and I are excited to meet with you. I wanted to reach out before we meet on (Day) and ask a few questions to see how we can better help you.

What are you goals as a new agent?

-Christopher Story

New Licensee Discovery Questionnaire

When replying to new licensee emails: Here are a few questions you can ask to hep guide the conversation to learn about how we can help them. These are questions that we ask during the interview to learn more about the agent and their goals. Also asking for the appointment too.

  1. So… What made you interested in becoming an agent? 
  • Make Money  
  • Change Career
  • Be Self Employed
  • Side Hustle  
  1. What area of real estate are you most interested in?
  • Residential Sales   
  • Property Management
  • Commercial
  • Multifamily  
  • Warehouse   
  • Self Storage   
  • Land  
  • Farm & Ranch   
  1. Do you have any previous real estate experience?
  1. When are you scheduled to take your exam?
  1. Are you wanting to be part time or full time agent?   
  1. What are you looking for in a brokerage?
  • New Agent Training 
  • Mentoring  
  • Commision Splits
  • Virtual
  • Office / Face to Face 
  • Just a place to hang the license
  • Freedom to explore Real estate

After Interview Follow up emails

Completed Exam Follow up

Send immediately after meeting with a lead who’s passed the exam or has an inactive license

Subject: Great to meet you!

Hey {First Name},

It was great meeting with you! We believe you would be a great fit for the team.

If you agree and you’re ready to join us, getting started is simple.

Just fill out this form:

After that Misty would transfer your license within TREC to Story Real Estate.

Once that happens you would apply for MetroText to get your MLS access.

We look forward to working with you!

-Christopher Story

Scheduled to take exam

Schedule this follow up right after the interview to be sent the day after they complete their exam as stated on the questionnaire

Subject: How did your test go?

Hey {First Name},

I hope all is well. If I remember correctly you said you were scheduled to take the test yesterday. How did the real estate exam go?

-Christopher Story