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Dear Follow Investor,

My name is Christopher Story and in my book No Tenants, Toilets’ or Trash

I will show you how you can invest in real estate, earn fantastic returns, and be a completely hands-off passive investor. You will discover how to easily invest in real estate, not be a landlord, secure your investment, and practically guarantee a solid return on your investment.

In real estate investing, There are two types of investors, active investors and passive investors. 

Active investors are those who do the work, find the deal, fix up properties, live eat and breath real estate as their daily lives. Active investors deal with tenants, toilets’, and trash.

Passive investors are the ones behind the scenes that use their money to help active investors grow their portfolio..

Misty and I are active investors. We own a property management company, own our own real estate brokerage, manage our own rentals, and much more


Why Active Investors Need Passive Investors..

In 2010, my wife Misty and I started investing in real estate, buying and holding rental properties. At that time we owned and operated a martial arts academy full time and we discovered real estate investing as a way to build for retirement.

Since we were self employed and business owners who do not have a pension or guaranteed retirement, we had to create our own. We used real estate as the way to build our own in hopes that one day we could retire from the martial arts academy.

Our sole focus was buy and hold real estate investing. The strategy was simple, buy a rental property and hold it forever. Which ment each time we bought a new property we had to save up as much as we could, get a loan, put 20% down and do it all over again.

In the early days we were paying retail prices for properties too. So that made it take even longer.

It didn’t take long for us to hit a wall like most active investors do starting out. 

Majority of real estate investors start out just like we did using their own capital to invest, but there comes a point in which they run out of their own capital because they have invested everything into the properties they own. 

Which is great because they went all in on themselves! and that is the best person to bet on, YOURSELF!

Once active investors hit the wall, run out of capital one of three things happen… 

#1: Some investors will turn to hard money lenders or creative financing 

#2: Others investors will ask family or friends to help them by loaning money to fund their deals 

#3: While many investors will just take the slow route and save out of fear of asking friends or family to borrow money.

For investors who turn to family and friends they have to explain, convince, and go to lengths trying to make their family and friends see the value and security or real estate investing.

The family and friend route is like pulling teeth to get others to invest…

All the uncomfortable conversations, awkward explanations, and having to face someone at a get together after they kindly turned you down.

The problem is most people think investing in real estate means you have to be an active investor and buy real estate. They think it is everything they see on tv. Others think it is just too complicated and that the person who they loaned the money to will loose their shirt along with their money

This thinking is due to a lack education on the subject of real estate investing. 

They don’t realize there is a much safer alternative to invest in real estate compared to the volatility of stock market or mutual funds and still achieve high single digit or double digit returns with safer margins. 

It may be a book for passive investors but active investor can use this book to help teach their friends and family how to invest with them.


There is a BIG opportunity for Passive Investors

Once Misty and I hit that wall we started to raise capital. 

Along the way we realized something.. 

“Lots of people want to find a better investment but don’t know where to start!”
Many of the investor’s we spoke with all said the same thing.. they want a better return with a better margin of safety.

Then it really hit me when a close friend and mentor of mine who has taken a company public, sold several business, and has made millions upon millions of dollars once said to me 

“Christopher, I see what you are doing with real estate and I want to invest but I just don’t understand it… Also, me and my tech entrepreneur friends like short term investments, how can that be done?”

He even has friends that are billionaires and he himself angel invests in other tech companies.
Needless to say.. He a a savvy entrepreneur!

He wanted a way to invest in real estate for a short period of time, make a large return on his investment and be completely passive.

After all of this… I racked my brain around on how can I teach him the tool available to make fantastic returns with much better security… Born is No Tenants, Toilets, or trash
That is how this book was born, it is born to teach others how they can invest in real estate without the need to go through all the daily headaches we go though as landlords or fix and flip investors.
NO BOOK on amazon teaches directly on this subject…
Majority of the real estate books teach you how to buy real estate or how to own real estate and a select few of them teach you about investing in syndications but none of them teach you how to become the bank and truly invest in real estate passively as a private money investor.

Banks want to keep passive investing a secret from the mainstream investments

Banks and Financial Advisors don’t want you to know the alternative to investing because if you know you can put the out of business. 

Passive investing in real estate gives you freedom and upper hand, it is secret that is hidden in plan sight, known to only those who spend time in the world of real estate. 

This book is designed to help anyone who seeks returns you can’t find in the stock market or at the bank

In this book we will show you how you can invest in real estate for a very short amount of time and get a high rate of return. All of this without having to be a landlord or pick up a hammer!and

Does the stock market volatility concern you?

Listen the stock market has made us thousands, but real estate has made us MILLIONS!

It is safe to say, the last few years in the stock market have been a wild ride. 2008 was a wild ride, 2020 was a wild ride and 2022 has been even more bumpy.

No matter how wild of a ride it is Real Estate Investors almost always remain on top, because real estate is a necessity and we love necessities.

Real estate investing allows you to develop different streams of income and added protections to those stream of income. 

Real Estate Investing can provide you with everything from big check, monthly income, to investment security!

When you understand how to passively invest in real estate it is almost hard to loose.

Some would say it is FOOL PROOF.

Unfortunately it isn’t fool proof but pretty damn close as long as you implement the right strategies that are shared in this book.

Supercharge your IRA or 401k

Yep! You can take control of your retirement and use your IRA to invest in real estate passively and tax free…
No Tenants, Toilets or Trash teaches you how you can ditch the boring old stocks or mutual fund IRA and give it exponential growth through passive real estate investing.

There is an entire chapter dedicated to how to passive invest in real estate using your IRA. This is the secrets your financial advisor doesn’t want you to know. because they only make money when you invest with them and not in real estate..

You are ONE short book away from earning 8-12% return on your investments

If you are ready to discover how investors earn 8-12% on their capital invested into real estate without having to pick up a hammer or be a landlord get your copy of No Tenants, Toilets’, or Trash today for just $4.99 and discover how you…