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Dear Investor,

You did all of the hard work, your team completed the rehab and you’re ready to sell. Instead of selling it yourself, fielding all of the phone calls, negotiating with every Dick, Tom, and Sally. 

You call and Realtor, and the Realtor charges you 6% which is industry standard. They do a decent job but there goes a large chunk of your profit. The agent makes their money, moves on the next client never to be seen again. 

This story happens over and over. 

Until one day an investor decides to save money by using a flat fee broker.

The flat fee broker puts the listing on the MLS but leaves it up to the investor to sell the property.

Now the investor has a second job as a realtor, showing the property to unqualified buyers, taking phone calls, negotiating with buyers, dealing with the title company and so much more. Doing all this while loosing focus on the next project

All the investor did was add a headache in the name of saving a buck. The investor saved money but not time.

If you have been through this you know it’s alot of extra work. You got into the business to flip homes, not be a Realtor. 

You need a solution if you want to scale

Which means you want to focus more time on finding deals, rehabbing properties, and having the right team in place. 

Maybe a middle ground exists?

Someone who will provide you a full service listing at a fair price?

Majority agents will over look investors cause you may want them to discount their service, seeing it as an insult or they seek to take you to the cleaners one time hoping your come back a second time. They see the small picture.

We See The BIGGER Picture!

You need a partner, not a realtor!

Just like you have a team of contractors for Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Painting, and everything else. You need a partner that you can call when the rehab is done and they will take it to the finish line for you! It is exactly why we have structured our listing fee and full service around you as a partner.

Did you know that when some Realtors first get their license in real estate school they are told investor are some of the worst client cause they want realtors to charge less. So they focus on retail buyers and sellers.

But we know that’s not true, Investor clients are different, they are knowledgeable and informed.

Investors need a partner who is in the business that understands their business

Some agents may see an investor client and say, “I only charge full price”, hoping they caught a big fish at full price but they are missing out on the big picture thats why we save the 6% listings for our retail clients who are selling every 5-6 years.

We seek to build a long time partnership with our investor clients.

You need full service listings at a discount

We understand that as an investor you in the business of reducing expenses, increasing revenue and doing it at scale.

Because we work with investors, it is about volume. 

Knowing that you will have multiple houses to sell regularly we have built our service around you. 

Allowing you to focus on raising capital, finding deals, and completing rehabs.

#1 reason investors hire an agent

The reason investors hire an agent isn’t due to the lack of understanding or knowledge of how to sell a property… 

Investors hire a Realtor to reduce the headache of phone calls, showings, negotiations and everything else. 

It is the old time vs money equation, they value their time more than their money. They understand the value of what their time is worth.

Investors need a repeat relationship just like any other contractor you use regularly who gives you a great service for a reasonable price.

We agree, a reasonable price for full service listings that manage all of the phone calls form potential buyers, schedule showings, and handle negations done again and again.

You Find Deals & Delegate the rest

Often times when investors use discount services it is very limited. Little support and almost as if they are selling it themselves.

Just like any other business, you hire salesman and create a sales process to be as hands off as much as possible.

Managing the phone calls from the potential buyers and showing the property can eat up a great deal of time and energy.

Plus, once you have a buyer it requires negations, scheduling inspections, and a bunch of back and forth. 

Once you agree upon terms now you have to get the across the finish line from contract to close. 

Which mean you may spend time chasing down the buyer or calling the title company. Creating more headaches for you. You got into the business to find deals and make a profit at scale.

Hiring out all of those task can reduce the stress and make it a more seamless processes.

Building a business is about creating systems and processes. Hiring a great realtor/partner to sell your property is part of your sales system.

You need a sales system to save Time & Money!

Once the property is ready for sell we take over from there and all you have to do is, deal with offer and make a decision on which offer to pick.

We give you a hands off experience from start to finish including marketing, showings, negotiations, paperwork and more!

Our investor full service listings is only a 4% listing fee. 

We split it with the buyers agent. 2% goes to us and 2% goes to the buyers agent and if the buyer is unrepresented, then you only pay 2%.

This creates a sales system to save you thousands of hours and dollars! 

We are realtors who understand investor needs and we love to help our fellow investors!

If you’re selling multiple properties a month or year, having access to the MLS along with full service listings can greatly reduce headache, stress, time and increase revenue! 

Think about it, If you are selling a single family home for $300,000 that is a $6,000 savings! and when your selling multiple properties such as 10 of those a year thats a $60,000 savings!

Some investors sell 10-20+ properties in a month! that some serious savings!

but why not use a flat fee broker...

Now I can hear you say “but I can save thousands with other services!” 

Yes, you may but are they full service and do they require you to do some of the work yourself? 

You going to either save time or money. You can make more money, or buy more time. Question is how much is your time worth spending on “Do It Yourself” selling?

Truth is, you can easily use a flat listing services but will be left holding the bag and if you want to scale your business, doing so requires a team. and Real Estate is a team sport. 

You need someone you can call to say
"I am Ready, get it sold!"

Full Service Listing

Get all the bells and whistles of a normal listing at a discounted rate

4% Listing Fee

We split the listing fee, 2% to us the broker and 2% to the buyers agent. If the buyer is unrepresented you only pay 2%

MLS Listing

Get maximum exposure to the largest network of retail buyers who typically pay the most by listing on the MLS

CMA and Pricing Assistance

Need help pricing the property? We offer our expert guidance, price opinions and a CMA on pricing the property

Complete Broker Support

From start to finish, we provide full support from negotiations, monitoring the transaction and work to get it past the finish line

We Handle Negotiations

All of the back and forth is handled by us. We work with the potineal buyers and buyers to negotiate the deal across the finish line

We Manage Buyer Inquires & Showings

We manage all inquires about the property, qualify buyers, work with buyers agents, and manage showings

Professional Pictures

We provide professional pictures of the property at no charge to you.

Yard Sign

When it is time to market the property we will put our sign in the yard.

Open Houses

We'll hold open houses to market the property.

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