Selling Options:

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Listing Your Home

Below you will find the options of listing the home on the market. Listing your home on the market are suggestions and numbers below are estimation’s, and suggestions and are not final numbers when listing your home on the market.

Listing with Repairs

Option #1: List with Repairs


Estimated Repairs


6% Realtor Commission:


1% Closing Cost


Est. Proceeds to Seller

$185k – $195k

Listing without Repairs

Option #2: List Home Without Repairs


6% Listing Fee:


1% Closing Cost


Est. Proceeds to Seller

$180k – $190k

Cash Offer: $165,000

The cash offer is very straight forward. The seller does not need to make any repairs and we as the buyer cover all related costs to the sale of property such as closing costs etc… Cash offers have the abilty to close faster than 30 days depending upon the situation.

Seller Finance: $225,000

Below is the seller finance explaining the purchase price and payment terms. We would close at the title company and the title company would file a lien on behalf of the seller, making the seller as first position lien holder to the property at the Tarrant county clerk’s office. The lien is the seller’s protection, giving the seller the ability to foreclose on the property if needed due to default of payment.

Purchase Price


Down Payment (Paid at Closing)


7 Year Loan (with 5% Interest & Balloon Payment)


Monthly Payment to Seller (Principal & Interest)



Total Ballon Payment Due (After 7 Years)


Sale/Purchase - Next Steps Explanation:

Below is an explanation of the next steps of selling your home directly to Story Real Estate in four simple steps.

1) Sign Sale/Purchase Agreement: 

We’ll email you a purchase agreement to sign. At that time we (both parties, buyer & seller) will sign the purchase agreement and we will both have a copy of the signed agreement. The purchase agreement does not mean the house is immediately sold (you still own the house). It is just stating that we, the buyer, and you the seller agree to the terms of the sale/purchase (such as price, dates, etc.) that are laid out in the sale/purchase contract.

2) We Deliver Agreement to Title Company: 

You will have a copy of the purchase agreement for your records and we will deliver a copy of the sale/purchase agreement off to the title company along with the earnest money.

3) Title Company Prepares Documents: 

The title company will then begin to prepare the necessary paperwork such as transfer of deed and title insurance. We will cut a check to the title company for the agreed terms (Earnest money, down payment, full cash price amount, etc..) and they will hold any funds until closing day and all required closing documents are signed by both parties.

4) Seller is Paid / Sale is Completed: 

On or before the closing date stated in the purchase agreement, we will meet at the title company to sign the deed and paperwork prepared by the title company. The title company will reach out to both you and us to schedule the day/time to sign the paperwork. 


Once the paperwork is signed, you will leave the keys to the house with the title company. On that day when all of the closing documents are signed by both parties, the title company will cut you a check for the agreed upon proceeds of the sale and transfer the deed to us. Once you receive your proceeds from the title company, then the sale will be complete.


Only when the sale is complete will the title company hand us the keys to the property.

Offered By:

Christopher Story
(817) 730-5250